Benefits of a Made to Measure Pet Boot Liner

When looking for a boot protector, a pet boot liner is a great solution to keeping your car clean whilst travelling with a dog. Whether you and your furry friend are out for a quick trip or seeking muddy adventures further afield, you’re guaranteed to find a liner to suit your needs.

This guide to pet boot liners explains the different types of liners on the market and the essential features you should look for.

Pet Boot Liners and Their Benefits

The liner is a type of pet boot protector which is installed in your car boot, typically covering the base of the boot, either side of the boot, and the back of the rear seats.

Many pet owners, including dog and horse owners, choose to use boot liners to keep their vehicles in a good condition. Mud and hair can soon build up when travelling with a dog, leading to stains and smells which can be hard to get rid of – not to mention the inevitable scratches made by paws both large and small.

Avoid the regular cleaning and help maintain the value of your car by protecting your boot with a durable liner.

made to measure pet boot liner

Different Types of Car Boot Liners

There are many different types of car boot liners – including rubber, plastic, and material liners. When deciding on the best car boot protector for dogs, there are three options.

Custom-Made Boot Liners

Custom-made boot liners are the best option if you’re prioritising performance and aesthetics. As suggested by the name, this bespoke liner will be made for your car model, ensuring an easy installation process and natural fit.

Whilst it is one of the more expensive options on the market, you’re paying for the quality of the materials and the look of the liner.


The universal liner comes in standard sizes (small, medium, and large). These sizes are typically adjustable or can be cut to size. Universal liners can be tricky to install and may not be a great fit, although they are the most cost-effective option.


Manufacturer Made

Car companies often sell boot liners as an accessory when you purchase a car with them – these are manufacturer-made liners and are made to fit the model of the car you’re purchasing. This is a great option for maintaining branding throughout a car, however, the quality of the liner and the ability to replace them can be their downfall.

Pet Boot Liners and Their Benefits:

Full Coverage

Full coverage of your boot offers the best protection and ensures debris cannot get under the liner.


Rubber and plastic liners are the most hard-wearing against claws and dirt and can be easily washed.


Having separate padding which attaches to the liner makes cleaning easy and travelling comfortable for your pet.

Bumper guard

Protect the paintwork of your bumper when your dog jumps in and out of the boot.


Waterproof liners don’t soak up liquid, which could become damp and smelly over time.

Best Boot Protector For Pets

At Boot Buddy, we are pet lovers ourselves and are proud pet owners. This means that we fully understand the importance of your pet's comfort and safety. Additionally, we are thrilled to be one of the best car boot protector manufacturers not just in the UK but in the international market.

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