Things to remember when driving with your dog

Your four-legged friend depends on you to remember everything they need, especially when your taking them with you on a car journey. Whether your journey is big or small here are our top things to remember to keep your pooch happy when your travelling...

Plenty of food and water
Dogs can get dehydrated very quickly in the car, especially if you are going to be driving in the summer. Making sure you pull over and let them have a drink regularly is vital when your on larger journeys, also making sure you have enough food for your dog is important too. Ideally you do not want to disrupt your pets feeding routine so feeding them before you travel would be the best solution as they then have the chance for their food to digest whilst you are on route.

However things do not always go to plan so if you have to feed your dog whilst you are on the move, consider feeding them a smaller portion than normal - noone wants a poorly pet whilst driving!

Dog Treats
It will be very hard for your dog to be stuck in the car and not being able to run about and play! So having a stash of long lasting dog treats is a great idea to reward your four legged friend for their good behaviour, it will also keep them occupied if it takes them a while to eat it!

Dogs can get very excited when travelling so having his or her favourite toy will provide some distraction. We recommend something that isn't noisy as your patience will start to wear thin after half an hour of excessive squeaking! This will also be a good idea if you know there is a park or field at your destination so that your pooch can use up some of their stored energy from the trip.

Poop Bags 
Its inevitable that when you stop off for a break, these will come in handy!

Never let your dog out of the car without putting their lead on, new environments will get them excited and they will want to explore these new surroundings. You will not be aware of what is around you in the area, there could be all sorts of dangers that you are unaware about. Waiting until you have checked that the area is safe before letting them free.

Car Boot Liner
This is pretty essential unless you like spending hours removing stubborn dog hairs from your car boot upholstery. The VersaLiner will provide your car boot with ultimate dog-proof protection, muddy paws, stubborn hairs and any accidents that your pooch may have whilst travelling will be kept safely away from your car boot interior. Once your journey is complete simply wipe down the surfaces of the liner and its like brand new! The liner is custom made to your car boot and the option of the VersaLiner Mat will offer your pooch a non slip and cushioned surface to travel on.