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The VersaLiner is the ideal way to keep your car boot clean. As far as boot liners go, it's the quickest to fit, easiest to maintain, and often outlives the car itself! It's entirely self supporting so unlike most fabric liners, it doesn't depend on Velcro attachments to stay up, which for dog owners, is essential. Your Boot Buddy VersaLiner has been tried, tested, and is ready to give you the boot protection you need!


Each VersaLiner is made of the same heavy duty polypropylene plastic and weighs approximately 4kgs. The panel that protects the back of your seats is fully detachable to allow ease of fitting and has the added bonus of letting you drop your rear seats for larger loads, without having to remove the VersaLiner.



Is it 'one size fits all?'
No. Each VersaLiner is vehicle specific and has different heights, widths and lengths. It is your responsibility to select the correct car model and year range. If you are unsure of your car details at the point of order, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Would you like to specific sizes? Just ask, via the chat box, phone, or text!


Is it easy to fit?
Yes! In fact, it actually just fits to itself, then slides into your boot. Each VersaLiner is 100% self supporting via metal pop studs and hidden Velcro.


Is my VersaLiner Guaranteed?
Yes! Your VersaLiner is guaranteed to last, and offer long term boot protection. If it doesn't, or arrives damaged, we will replace or refund, at no cost to you.  Please see our T&C page for more information.


How quickly can I get my Boot Buddy?
Please check Latest News for all current delivery times.

  • Made of super tough Copolymer Polypropylene
  • Approximately 1.5 mm thick
  • Slightly static to attract floating dog hairs
  • Designed to cover the vast majority of your boot
  • Self supporting, with optional Velcro attachments
  • Wipe clean surface, can be cleaned in situe
  • Detachable seat panel allows for folding seats
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight design
  • Compatible with several optional accessories
  • Designed to fit around the standard parcel shelf / load cover supplied with each vehicle

​Please note, if you would like specific details on the sizes and specifications for your car, feel free to get in touch!

Once your VersaLiner is fitted, it will continue to protect your boot. Should you wish to drop your seats, the back panel can be detached from the side panels so that the seats can drop and remain protected. Your Boot Buddy is very easy to clean, and most contaminants can be removed with a dry or damp cloth, without removing the Liner. If you need to remove and store the liner, simply unpop the side panels from the back panel, and slide out. Your Boot Buddy can be stored flat packed, or stored fully assembled.

Each Boot Buddy is designed to offer long term protection, and yours is no exception! If your liner arrives damaged, or you receive the wrong size somehow, contact us immediately so that we can resolve the problem. We will replace the goods at no cost to you. We take several steps to make sure our designs are up to date, but should a liner not fit, or fail to offer sufficient protection, we will work hard to ensure your total satisfaction!

  • "After having a bit of a nightmare with our pointer cross on my back seat (he just wouldn’t sit still and getting the harness the to the right length was challenging!) I came across Boot Buddy. Thinking “they will never have a liner and guard for an Audi S5 Sportback”, I found one! It fits PERFECTLY and I’m over the moon with it. My seats are now safe from the crazy hound and the drive is much less stressful! Thank you for an amazing product and great service! "

    Andy Hutton / Audi A5 Sportback (2017-present)

  • "Great so far"

    Peter Jefford / Skoda Fabia Hatchback (2015-2020)

  • "Received today and fitted right away! Delighted"

    Sean Clark / BMW 5 Series Touring (2017-present)

  • "Versaliner, VersaLiner Boot Bedding, Safe-D-Guard and Bumper Guard "

    Andrew Earle / Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate (2008-2014) (with parcel shelf/ luggage cover in place)

  • "Wilson enjoying his Boot Buddy...didn't want to get out"

    John McGilveray / Toyota Avensis Touring Sports (2015-2018)

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