The Best Dog Guard for Your Car: Main Factors to Consider

If you’re looking to invest in a car safety restraint for your dog, then you’ll be sure to come across a dog guard in your research.

These restraints are designed to protect your dog against sudden braking and collisions whilst travelling, as well as the distractions which could be caused by your dog being free to roam through the car.

Dog barriers such as guards ensure your dog, driver, and passengers are as safe as possible. But it’s essential that the guard is suitable for your car, fitted properly, and performs well; Boot Buddy has looked at the main considerations for purchasing the best dog guard for cars to help you achieve this.

What is a Dog Car Guard?

A dog guard, typically made from metal mesh or perforated plastic, is fitted behind the rear car seats of your car to seal the opening between the seats and the roof. Dog guards are designed to prevent your dog from jumping through this gap, where they may cause distractions or risk injury if the car comes to a sudden stop.

Is it Mandatory to Have a Car Dog Guard?

No, dog guards are not mandatory for car travel. However, some form of suitable restraint (such as a dog guard) is mandatory according to the Highway Code Rule 57 – meaning you could face a fine if you’re found liable for breaking this.

Main Considerations for Car Dog Guard Purchase

When researching dog guards for your car, there are several things to consider, including…

Car Boot Size:

You will need to measure the dimensions of your car boot to ensure the dog guard you buy is well-fitting, so it does not rattle nor leave any gaps. Measure the height and width of your boot as an indication of the guard size you require.

However, a tight squeeze could mean an arduous installation process and even damage to your interior!

Car Roof Curve:

Does your car roof curve down? If so, you may struggle to properly secure a guard which utilises clamps on the roof for stability and may find the guard rattles. Luckily, most cars with a sharply sloped roofs are coupes or sports cars, which arent regularly used to transport dogs!

Angle of the Back Seats:

If your back seats are on an angle, this could also make fitting a full-height dog guard awkward. A headrest-mounted guard may be a better alternative in this case. However, if you’re looking to be able to take the back seats down whilst using the guard, the full-length guard is best.

Boot Buddy’s car guards are made custom for the dimensions of your boot space, ensuring we can install a properly fitting system no matter your requirements.

Your Dog’s Wellbeing:

Your dog’s wellbeing is perhaps the greatest consideration. Guards are often a choice between metal mesh and plastic; whilst metal guards are the most common, they can be considered a cold and harsh design and even pose the risk of paws getting stuck.

Boot Buddy’s solid plastic dog guards are perforated to achieve ventilation like the grate, however, offer a much more welcoming design. The transparent design ensures complete visibility for your four-legged friend, as well as the ingress of sunlight, to ease any anxiety whilst travelling.

What are the Alternatives to a Dog Guard?

Of course, dog barriers are not the only option for safely transporting a dog in the car. There are several alternatives to a guard, such as:

Seat Belt Restraint

This restraint clips your dog into the seat belt buckle – a great solution for short trips since it can prevent your dog from lying down comfortably.

Elasticated and Adjustable Leash-Based Restraint

Similar to the seatbelt, however accounting for a little more freedom, the leash-based restraint secures your dog to the car seat.

Dog Cages

The boot of your car is deemed the safest space for your dog to travel in, therefore you may opt to use a dog cage in the boot. Cages work best in larger boot spaces.

What is the Best Dog Guard?

The best dog guard is one that safely and securely fits precisely to the shape of your vehicle. We take pride at Boot Buddy in producing a product that not only serves its practical purpose but also looks stylish and elegant. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that every dog guard we produce is of the highest standard.

If you have any questions or concerns about our product, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. We are always happy to answer any questions and provide you with the support you need to make the right choice for your furry friend. Choose Boot Buddy for the ultimate protection and style for your car and your pet.