Planning a summer road trip

With the 6 week summer school holidays finally here, your car is going to be used a hell of alot for summer road trips. We have the Do's and Don'ts of planing for a summer road trip!

Do make a plan for your journey, but make sure its flexible. Making sure you know where your going and what times you will be leaving/arriving is a great start, however when driving with kids there are bound to be delays (and about 10 toilet stops within the first few hours!) so make sure you keep this in mind when setting your schedule. 

Don't schedule your journey down to the last minute. As mentioned above this is a recipe for disaster, delays are bound to pop up. Keeping your schedule as more of a guideline is ideal as you'll have time for expected events. 

Do provide snacks and entertainment for childrenthere is nothing worse than hearing "Are we there yet?" and "I'm hungry" over and over again. So bring plenty of snacks and a variety of games to keep the kids happy and entertained throughout the journey, this will create a peacefull enviroment for the driver. 

Don't bring sugary snacks. Unless you want your children bouncing of the walls in the back of your vehicle, keep the sugary drinks and snacks away from long journeys!

Do bring a Sat Nav. This handy little gadget will get you to where you want to be with ease, it will also show you current speed limits, petrol sations and rest stops along the way. Just make sure your maps are updated regularly to account for road works!

Don't rely on just one method of mapping. Just incase your Sat Nav decides to play up or you have forgotten the charging lead make sure you have a paper map in your car just incase, it may be tedious to use but you'll be gratefull if you end up stranded somewhere! 

Do travel during the summer, there's nothing better than taking a road trip in the sun or simply taking your dog to the park for a long summers walk. If your travelling with your dog, don't forget to keep your car boot clean with our VersaLiner.