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We need your Genesis G70 Shooting Brake !

This VersaLiner is currently classed as Pre Production. That means we need your Genesis G70 Shooting Brake (2022-present)!


Before we add a product to our extensive list, we like to check, double check, and triple check everything works as it should, so we open our schedule for drive-in customers who can get bespoke service, at a massively discounted price. So this is your opportunity to get a fantastic bargain and get the exact VersaLiner you need!

Original price was: £118.98.Current price is: £19.98.

Out of stock

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How To Claim a DISCOUNTED Made to Measure VersaLiner...

If you have a Genesis G70 Shooting Brake (2022-present) and you are interested in a bespoke VersaLiner then we can almost certainly help you. We are located in the heart of the West Midlands, around 25 minutes from the M5, and would welcome a visit if you can make your way to our factory. We will make the perfect liner for you while you wait, at a MASSIVELY reduced price!

Contact us today to schedule a visit!


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