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Introducing the CARBO GUARD

This Carbo Guard is made to measure and will fit your Audi A3 Sportback (2004 - 2013)!

Giving you excellent driver visibility without the intrusion of the traditional bars, mesh or cages. Therefore it's proving to be considerably easier to drive with, with a near perfect rear view.


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Standard delivery times approx 1-2 weeks
EXPRESS delivery approx 3-5 days

Rated ‘Excellent!’

The Carbo Guard provides unmatched visibility for you, the driver, and a far less "cagey" space for your dog. It's made of super-strong 3mm thick Polycarbonate, machine-cut to the ideal shape for your car.

It fits by sitting on the back of your rear seats and leaning against your headrests. It's secured via Velcro straps that attach to the headrest posts or around the headrest itself.

It comes with adjustable brackets that let you choose how high the guard sits, and brackets that allow you to adjust the guard's angle. The edge of the guard has a heavy-duty trim for added protection, and we leave a substantial gap around the guard to facilitate airflow to and from your boot.

We add central air vents (our logo) for even more circulation, but if you would like something different, we have several "cool" designs for you to choose from!


Please note:

  • The Carbo Guard is designed as a deterrent for preventing unwanted access from boot to seating areas of your car. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your rear seats, and will not fit with your front seats.
  • If you have a panoramic roof or are concerned about using your parcel shelf with this product please see our FAQ page.
  • The Carbo Guard secures around the rear headrest poles with adjustable straps and sits on the back of the rear seats with  adjustable brackets.
  • The Carbo Guard can be purchased online for delivery to the UK and mainland Europe, or designed, made & fitted if you bring your car to us.

Is it
one size fits all?

No. Your Carbo Guard is shaped to best fit your Audi A3. This is down to precise measurements we take to ensure the best possible fit. Contact us if you would like details.


Is it
easy to fit?

Yes! No tools or permanent fixings needed. It simply sits on your back seats via the brackets provided and straps around your headrest poles.


How quickly can I
get my Carbo Guard?

Standard Delivery is around 1-2 weeks. Please check our delivery page for all current delivery times.


Is it Guaranteed?

Yes! Your Carbo Guard is guaranteed to fit. It offers excellent visibility for you the driver, and provides an effective barrier for your dog. See T&C page for more info.


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