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ProMax Extension Kit

The hugely popular ProMax Kit is designed to offer you the very best in car interior protection for your Ssang Yong Korando (2019-present)!

This ProMax Kit is made to measure and will fit your Ssang Yong Korando (2019-present)!

The ProMax Kit allows your VersaLiner to fully extend to cover your entire load area when your rear seats are down or laid flat. It's quick and easy to fit, offers up to twice the load area of your boot and can be folded away in seconds to reform your beloved VersaLiner!


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Standard delivery times approx 1-2 weeks
EXPRESS delivery approx 3-5 days

Rated ‘Excellent!’

"Is the ProMax Kit right for me?"

The ProMax Kit is designed for car owners who want the option to maintain protection for larger loads, multiple dogs etc. If you often drop your seats and want to protect the extra load space, then the ProMax Kit is a great companion to the VersaLiner.

ProMax Kit Specifications

  • Made of super tough copolymer polypropylene
  • Approximately 1.5 mm thick
  • Slightly static to attract floating dog hairs
  • Designed to cover the extra load area when your back seats are down
  • Self supporting, with optional Velcro attachments
  • Wipe clean surface, can be cleaned in situe
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight design
  • Compatible with several optional accessories

Please note, if you would like specific details on the sizes and specifications for your car, feel free to get in touch!

Please note: If your boot is smaller than the extended area when your seats are down, there will be insufficient space to store the ProMax Kit in the boot with the VersaLiner, and will need to be kept elsewhere when not needed. If you wish to confirm whether this applies to your car, feel free to get in touch.

Also Please note: If your boot is particularly deep, and the rear panel of your Boot Liner is made high to match, when your liner is extended towards the fromt seats, rear view can be obscured.

Customer Reviews


Is it
one size fits all?

No. Each ProMax Kit is vehicle specific and has different heights, widths and lengths. It is your responsibility to select the correct car model and year range.


Is it
easy to fit?

Yes! In fact, it sits inside your VersaLiner when not in use. Velcro tabs are provided to fix the ProMax Kit to the VersaLiner when it is extended.


How quickly can I
receive my ProMax Kit?

Please check our delivery page for all current delivery times.


Is my
Promax Kit Guaranteed?

Yes! Your ProMax Kit is guaranteed to last, and offer long term boot protection. If it doesn't, or arrives damaged, we will replace or refund, at no cost to you. View our T&C page for more information.

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