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Load Liner Bedding

Very popular with dogs of all shapes and sizes is our really cosy, really comfy, really long Load Liner Bedding.

This Load Liner Bedding is made to measure and will fit your Fiat Tipo Station Wagon (2016 - Present)!

Made of 30 mm thick canine friendly cushioned mat, bound by a high friction rubber underside to ensure they grip to the wipe clean surface of your Load Liner.

The Load Liner Bedding is commonly used as veterinary bedding, as it's non allergenic, non toxic & non irritant so you can rest assured your pooch gets a safe and comfortable ride.

The bedding can be shaken clean for dry dirt and dog hair, or machine washed at 40 degrees for a thorough clean. Give your dogs a cosy home from home with their very own Load Liner Boot Bed!


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Standard delivery times are approx 2-3 weeks
EXPRESS delivery approx 3-5 working days

Rated ‘Excellent!’

"Is the Load Liner Bedding right for me?"

The Load Liner Bedding is the ideal companion for the Load Liner if you want the comfiest possible surface for your four legged compadres. It will take longer to clean than our rubber based matting, but the appreciative twinkle in your best friends eye will make it worth a little extra effort! While the polypropylene surface of the Load Liner is a dream to keep clean, it benefits from the high friction surface added via our anti-slip bedding & mats. So if you have a Load Liner and have a dog or two, we recommend you add some kind of anti-slip surface. The Load Liner Bedding is usable without a Load Liner, but it is shaped to fit one, so it may not cover 100% of your load area if used on it's own. It will likely be rectangular in shape, but if you do want to specify your dimensions, just let us know!

Load Liner Bedding Specifications

  • Made of a super comfy cushion
  • Approximately 30 mm thick
  • High friction rubber underside
  • Shake, brush, or machine clean (@ 40 degrees)
  • Quick drying
  • Charcoal with grey paws
  • Very popular with dog owners

Please note, if you would like specific details on the sizes and specifications for your car, feel free to get in touch!

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Is it
one size fits all?

No. Each Load Liner Bedding is sized to best fit your Fiat Tipo Station Wagon (2016 - Present), so the lengths and widths vary from car to car. If you want specific sizes, just ask us.


Is it
easy to fit?

Yes! It's a mat, pop it in and you're done!


How quickly can I receive
my Load Liner Bedding?

Current delivery times are between 3 - 5 working days, if ordered alone.

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