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Deluxe Bumper Guard

Introducing our brand new upgrade to the standard Bumper Guard.

This Deluxe Bumper Guard is made to measure and will fit your Cupra Born Hatchback (2021- present)!

It does the same job as our standard version, just better. It's made of two pieces of PVC backed material, with a layer of special rubber foam in the middle.

It offers long term, padded bumper protection against scratches, scrapes and sharp claws. It also gives dogs the extra confidence they sometimes need in jumping in and out of your boot.

Quick and easy to attach via hidden Velcro, it will fix to your boot, or your VersaLiner or Load Liner with ease! And instead of rolling back into your boot, it folds in on itself for added convenience.


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"Is the Deluxe Bumper Guard right for me?"

Our Deluxe Bumper Guard offers the same level of protection as our standard version, with the added benefits of a padded, grippier surface for extra impact cushioning, and improved accessibility for dogs, and it looks / feels altogether posher. So if scratches are likely and you want the best, the Deluxe Bumper Guard is the one for you.

Bumper Guard Specifications

  • Made of PVC backed cloth with a rubber foam core
  • Attaches to boot floor or VersaLiner or Load Liner via hidden Velcro
  • Brush clean, can be cleaned in situe
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight design
  • Can be folded back into boot when not in use

Please note, if you would like specific details on the sizes and specifications for your car, feel free to get in touch!

Customer Reviews

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Is it
one size fits all?

No. Each one is sized to best protect your bumper, so the lengths and widths vary depending on each car. For specific sizes, just get in touch.


Is it
easy to fit?

Yes! It simply Velcros to your boot carpet, inside boot lip, or to your VersaLiner. We provide you with a Velcro pack so you can fix it where you wish.


How quickly can I receive my
Deluxe Bumper Guard?

Current delivery times are between 3 - 5 working days, if ordered alone.

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