Keeping your dog cool in the summer

When our summer finally rolls around its important to find different ways to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Here is a few of our tips on how to keep your dog cool this summer... 

1. Time your walks and exercise.
Although you may not feel like taking your four legged friend on a long walk when its nice and warm, your dog will still need their exercise. Try walking your dog in the early morning or late afternoon when it has cooled down abit, this will reduce the threat of overheating. 

2. Using a paddling pool. 
Not all dogs love water, but its worth a try to see if your dog does! Paddling pools are cheap and can be filled up and kept in the shade for your dog to stand, lay or play in when he gets warm. If you find the blowing up of a paddling pool too much hassle try throwing down a wet towel in the shade so that your pooch can rest on it too cool down. 

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3. Frozen treats and food.
In the summer months most pet stores will stock frozen treats for your pets. Putting ice cubes in your dogs water bowl will keep the water cool and refreshing for your dog, some dogs also enjoy munching on ice cubes for some reason?!

4. Keeping your dog inside. 
If possible try and keep your dog inside during the warmest points of the day. This will reduce the risk of over heating, if your dog is desperate to go out and

play in the garden make sure they have access to plenty of shade and water to keep them cool.

5. Grooming can make a big difference
If you have a dog with long, thick hair it may be time for a trip to the groomers! Getting your pup a trim will not only make them look prim and proper it can also help with air circulation and allows your dog to feel the gentle summer breeze. 

6. Keep your dog hydrated. 
This may seem obvious but never underestimate the importance of having water available at all times for your pet.