Keeping your car boot clean

Keeping your car boot spotless can be a tedious job. Day to day jobs can leave your car boot covered in dirt, dog hairs and cause the boot of your car to look abit tired, which will then have you wondering what you can do to get your car boot back to what it was when you first bought the car!

Here are our top tips for keeping your car boot protected:

High sided Boot liner for your car 

The boot of your car will have been put through its paces, transporting rubbish to the local tip, bikes, golf trolleys, garden supplies and even pets can leave your boot looking untidy and tired. Introducing the VersaLiner it is the ideal way to keep your boot clean, as far as boot liners go it is very easy to fit and is 100% self supporting so unlike most fabric liners, it doesn't depend on Velcro attachments to stay up, which for dog owners this is essential.

Bumper Protection

Bumper scratches are a common issue for all car owners, transporting heavy loads can damage the paintwork on your bumper and especially when dogs are involved! Our Deluxe Bumper Guard provides long term padded bumper protection against, scratches, scrapes and sharp claws. It also gives dogs the extra confidence that is sometimes needed when jumping in and out of the boot.

Boot Mats

Very popular with dog owners, our VersaLiner Mat is specially formed from a natural rubber to create a high friction surface, making a soft cushioning base for your dog to sit on and non slip. This ensures a safe and comfortable ride for your dog, the matting can be shaken dog and cleaned in seconds. Essential to stop your shopping sliding all over your boot on the way home.

Dog Guard 

Having a dog guard in place will keep your bestfriend in the car boot instead of adventuring around the rest of the car, introducing the Boot Buddy Safe-D-Guard. Made from Polycarbonate plastic it gives you excellent driver visability and with a near perfect rear view, because of the absense of trap hazards that are naturally present with most guards of mesh and bars the Safe-D-Guard is an obvious choice for caring dog owners. Previous customers have also informed us of another benefit to the Safe-D-Guard that it prevents dog hairs floating around in your car and keeps them in your cars boot!

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