How to Comfort a Scared Dog at Bonfire Night

With Bonfire Night arriving in a few days’ time, we have created a handy list of tips to make the night as enjoyable as possible for both you and your dog.

  • Try to walk your dog earlier in the day before the fireworks start. If you are concerned that fireworks might go off when you’re walking, keep the lead on.
  • Always keep your dog indoors during fireworks and close the curtains to cover flashing lights from outside
  • You can place some of your clothes around to keep them calm.
  • Did you know that dogs drink more when they are worried? Make sure you fill their water bowl up.
  • If loud noises are a recurring problem with your dog, speak to your vet in preparation about calming products. They let off a ‘dog appeasing pheromone’ and can help your dog to feel calm.
  • Dogs may like to hide in a place where they feel safe, this might be under a table or bed. Try not to disturb them once they have found a safe spot.
  • If your dog is panting, drooling, shaking or putting their tail between their legs, they’re stressed.  Try turning the TV or radio on to muffle the noise, not too loud though!
  • Remember that praising your dog whilst they’re distressed will only make their phobia worse.
  • Finally, stay calm and give your dog lots of praise when it’s all over.
How to Comfort a Scared Dog at Bonfire Night