Fitting your VersaLiner

The VersaLiner is essential if you regularly put your car boot through its paces, carrying large items, pets, muddy sports kits/equipment and other day to day goods can leave your car boot looking old and tired. The VersaLiner does not only keep your car boot clean but protects any upholstery in the boot, It is necessary that the VersaLiner is fitted correctly. So heres our guide to assembling and fitting the liner...

Before you begin

Some VersaLiners will be received flat-packed, whilst others will be received as a rolled tube due to their size. If your Boot Buddy was recieved flat-packed reverse-fold the pre-folded lines of the side panels before assembly and return to an approximate 90° angle (see diagram). This will help the plastic side panels remain upright when in your cars boot.
If your Boot Buddy was received rolled, reverse-roll and hold for about a minute and then re-fold the pre-folded lines, this is so the side panels will stand at an approximate 90° angle.

Fitting the VersaLiner

1) Unpack your Boot Buddy and lay all of the pieces on a flat surface. The VersaLiner comes in 2 pieces, the piece displaying the Boot Buddy logo is the back panel; the other piece is the base and sides.

2) Attach the back panel to the side panels using the pre-fitted metal pop studs (see diagram) and test in boot for size. In some cases the boots parcel shelf will need to be removed before fitting the Boot Buddy, but this can be replaced once the liner is in place. The panel with the Boot Buddy logo should rest against the back seats.

And its as simple as that! No need for fiddly velcro straps and attachments, the VersaLiner is 100% free standing and once assembled is simply placed into your car boot. Each VersaLiner is custom made to your car boot and we will ensure you can get the best fit possible in your car boot* for more information on the VersaLiner click here.


*The VersaLiner will not follow the contours of your vehicles car boot e.g. Prominent wheel arches.

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