Firework season and your pets

Many animals find fireworks scary, here is our top tips for keeping them calm whilst the fireworks are underway:

  • Be prepared, if you know your pets react badly during firework season, contact your vet beforehand to see if your vet can advise on a various methods to either desensitise your pets to the noise or reduce signs of stress.
  • Before the firework season starts provide your dog with a doggy safe haven, this could be one of the quietest rooms in your home. Try training your dog to associate the room with positive experiences, for example, leaving toys there and allowing them to play. With time your dog will learn this is a safe and enjoyable place, so when fireworks start they may choose to go here because they know when in this space, no harm will come to them.
  • When fireworks start, close all windows to keep the noise to a minimum and 'black out' the safe area to remove any extra distress caused by flashing lights. 
  • On days that you know there will be fireworks, give your dog a good walk during the day so that they are tired in the evening and more likely to snooze their way through all of the commotion. 
  • If your pet shows any signs of stress, try to ignore the behaviour. We know that this is really hard as you want to comfort them but giving your pet extra fuss when they are showing signs of stress can make the situation worse.