Dog Owners – Why you need a VersaLiner

Boot Buddy Ltd's VersaLiner will protect your boot from all sorts of dirt and mess they will also minimise damage that your dogs can sometimes cause to your beloved car.

Taking your four legged friend out on regular walks or day trips can start to take its toll on your car boot, a smelly muddy pup returning to your car is not the ideal situation when you want to keep your car clean! Introducing our Boot Buddy dog owners solution... 

Our VersaLiner is the perfect solution if you love your car as much as your dog, you can protect your car boot whilst keeping your furry friend happy and safe whilst traveling.

Lyn Ford Focus Estate

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Keeping the boot clean

We create our VersaLiner to be custom made to your vehicle with our 9 years of experience we have managed to collect over 450 different car makes and models measurements. The VersaLiner will be the best fit possible for your vehicle to prevent any dirt, fur or other miscellaneous objects your dog may bring back with them damaging your boots interior. They are very easy to fit and are 100% self supporting, this will save you hours of your time that you have previously spent hoovering and cleaning your boot.

Your dogs safety

The VersaLiner is not just for your own benefit but it will also help keep your pets safe and comfortable whilst travelling. With a secure fit and its self supporting structure the liner will be sturdy whilst your dog is sitting or standing in the boot, we also offer our VersaLiner Mat which fit on top for extra comfort and protection.

Protecting your Bumper's paintwork

Our Deluxe Bumper Guard is the perfect solution to keep the paint work on your bumper brand new, your dogs claws can really give your bumper a beating if they are regularly jumping in and out of your boot. Made from two PVC backed cloth like surfaces, with a layer of special rubber foam in the middle. It offers long term, padded bumper protection against scratches, scrapes and sharp claws! It also offers your dog that little extra confidence they sometimes need when jumping into the boot. Quick and easy to attach via hidden velcro it will fix to your car boot floor with ease.