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Use the Chat box, email or give us a ring and we should be able to answer any of your questions.

The Boot Bedding is bound by a high friction rubber underside to ensure it grips to the wipe clean surface of Your VersaLiner. Therefore, it can be purchased without a rubber mat option if preferred. Many of our customers purchase a rubber option too so that when the Boot Bedding is being washed there is still a non slip surface on the VersaLiner floor. 

Yes! These items function differently and and can therefore be used together. The Tailgate Guard is unclipped and the Bumper Guard is then pulled out. Once done, the Bumper Guard simply rolls/folds back up and the Tailgate Guard can be reattached. 

Good question! Check the URL of the website and see if it says “HTTPS” at the start of the address (instead of “HTTP”). This means the website is secure with an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is used to secure all data that is passed from the browser to the website's server. There should be a small padlock in the address bar. If this is missing or crossed out, you may be using an outdated version of the wesbite. You can try a different browser if so or the page may need refreshing. If you are having any difficutly placing an order, just get in touch. Our website is completely secure and our team would be more than happy to help you to make an order safely.

In some models, the boot floor can adjust up and down to different levels. If the car does have the adjustable floor option, we need to know which level option you intend to have the car in. We make the VersaLiner differently depending on which option you choose. The VersaLiner may only be compatible with one level option or it may be compatible with all of the options for that vehicle. If you are unsure as to which option you have, just send us a photo and we can confirm this for you!

The VersaLiner is entirely self supporting so unlike most fabric liners, it doesn't depend on Velcro attachments to stay up, which for dog owners, is essential. It is semi-rigid and sits like a three sided box in the boot once assembled.

Yes! Many of our products are eligible for express delivery. This option is shown at checkout under delivery options if the items in your shopping cart are eligible. Under the Delivery country selection there will be an option to select delivery type. You will usually get the order within 3 working days with this option. 

Yes. The Safe-D-Guard does not seal off the boot space and it has ventilation vents across the guard. We also offer an option to add extra ventilation holes in the shape of paw prints for eaven more air flow! This option can added at checkout.

The material is waterproof. Please note however that the unit itself is not watertight as it has joins and folds.

Unless stated in the description, we cannot guarantee that the products made for the standard model will fit an electric or hybrid version. We have often found that the boot space does vary in these models, so if it is not stated in the description it is unlikely to fit the electric or hybrid model. If you are not sure on your car selection please contact us before placing an order. 

If you have a car that we don't currently make our products for, then there is no charge for the measure + fit service. Just select and pay for the products you want. If you require an adjustment to one of our standard liners or require a bespoke liner, there is a small charge starting from £19.95. Please call to make an appointment and to discuss your requirements.

In most cases no more than 1 hour, although this may be longer if you require modifications to the products or if your vehicle is not one that we have worked on before. We have a waiting room and drinks on offer whilst your products are being made.

In most cases we have found that vehicles with a panoramic (glass) roof option fitted have a slightly different roof shape. For many models we now have two different guards available for with or without a panoramic sunroof. If there are no specific options or notes on your vehicle model please get in touch before placing an order to advise if there if you are any potential fitting issues that we are aware of.

We'll try! We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint which vehicle you have. If you can let us know your vehicle's registration then we can ususally identify from this which model you have. Or if you are unsure whether you have a particular accessory fitted in the boot, such as an adjustable floor, you can also e-mail us a photo of the vehicle's boot area and we will advise on which of our products will fit.

All of our products are vehicle-specific.  As such, we need to take a number of measurements from each vehicle's boot area in order for us to make products that fit well.  If products for your vehicle are not available then it is likely that we have simply not had the opportunity to measure the vehicle (this is usually the case with new or rare vehicles).  Other reasons why we may not offer products may be that the vehicle is too large for our products to fit, or that we have concluded that making certain products for a particular vehicle would not be a good fit or offer sufficient protection. 

If you would like specific reasons as to why certain products are unavailable for your vehicle then please feel free to contact us.

The part of our Versaliner that rests against the rear seat backs is made at a fixed angle.  In vehicles that have adjustable rear seats this means that the angle of the seats may need to be altered to match the angle of the liner in order to achieve the best fit.  The angle of our liner is usually made at roughly half way between the most upright and most reclined seat angles available in the vehicle.

If the seats in your vehicle also slide forward and backward on rails, thus allowing you to make the boot length longer or shorter, please note that our liner will be made to fit the boot when the seats are in their furthest back position (i.e. creating a shorter boot but more leg room for rear passengers).

Yes, we do. In fact, every single Boot Buddy liner we design and make is made to order and has the option to be customised upon request. We keep a stock of liner templates that we have found to work well, but we can also custom make your Boot Buddy liner to different measurements, such as increasing the side or back heights for extra protection - whether you need it for dogs, fishing or golf equipment, DIY projects or those skip trips, or just to keep your brand new car in it's clean original condition.

All of our Boot Buddy Versaliners are designed to fit around the standard parcel shelf / load cover supplied with each vehicle. 

If using our Safe-D-Guard then in some vehicles it will not be possible to use the parcel shelf / load cover.  If this is a concern then please contact us as we may be able to advise whether your vehicle is affected.

Many of our customers are dog owners, so we have several options that are specifically designed for dogs. Each Boot Buddy is made from very smooth polypropylene, which is very easy to wipe clean in your boot. We have a high quality Anti-slip Mat that is very pet friendly and guarantees a safe, comfortable ride. It also acts as a thermal cushion so your dog can enjoy added insulation during the winter months! Take it out and shake those dog hairs off quickly, or rinse with water. If you are concerned about pet safety, i.e. when you dog jumps in or out of your car, then the fitted Anti-slip Matting will prevent any danger of slipping. 

In most cases a dog guard will not interfere with the fitting of our Boot Buddy VersaLiner but in some cases modifications will need to be made to the liner, either by ourselves or when you receive your VersaLiner. In very few cases our liner is not compatible with certain dog guards but we do offer a measure and fit service to customise a liner to fit with a dog guard.

If you do have a dog guard fitted please send us a photo of the dog guard or call/email us with the make and preferably the product code of the guard and we can check this for you.

The way in which our VersaLiner and Load Liner are made dictates that the sides of the liners must be straight. This allows for ease of fitting and accommodates accessories like the Tailgate Guard and ProMax Kit. This means that the VersaLiner and Load Liner do not mould around any contours (wheel arches, ridges, etc).  In the majority of cases this does not present an issue as many car boots have straight sides anyway.  Additionally, some of our VersaLiners are shaped to widen at the tailgate opening in order to make maximum use of the space available. To find out whether your car is affected by this please contact us. Details can be found on our Contact page.  

Yes, we do. We know how easy it is to scuff up or scratch your rear bumper, so the option of a separate bumper guard is a must. We actually have two types, one made of a PVC plastic with a polypropylene cloth core, that can roll back into your boot when not being used, or our Deluxe Bumper Guard that is a foam padded, cloth lined folding version that folds in and out of your boot for convenience. Thanks to the materials we use, there is excellent cushioning, and still a high friction surface to give your faithful friend a helping hand getting in and out! It also gives older dogs more confidence when jumping in and out of the car.

This varies depending on the product, time of year, availability etc. Latest delivery times are posted on our latest news page so check it before you order, or call us to ensure you get your products by a certain date if possible.

In most hatchbacks and estates you can drop your rear passenger seats to extend your boot space, usually for larger loads like DIY and skip trips. We have a simple solution to extend your protection from your boot space to include the extra space you have over your rear seats.

It's called the ProMax Kit and it is available to the vast majority of customers. Ideal for taking huge loads to the skip or carrying several big dogs! This is in effect a second VersaLiner nested inside the normal VersaLIner except it has no back panel. When the seats are laid flat, simply push both VersaLiner and ProMax over the rear seats, and pull the top section (ProMax Kit) back into your boot. This extends the liner throughout your car.

N.B. Alternatively, you can drop your back seats forward, and lower the back panel of your VersaLiner to extend protection for your larger loads at no extra cost.

Please note: If your boot is smaller than the extended area when your seats are down, there will be insufficient space to store the ProMax Kit in the boot with the VersaLiner, and will need to be kept elsewhere when not needed. If you wish to confirm whether this applies to your car, feel free to get in touch.

We occasionally offer discounts, but these are primarily featured via our social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can however get some excellent deals by sending us your feedback in the form of comments, pictures or videos. All uploadable via our feedback upload page.

We have built a database of over 450 cars over the years, and we have obtained those through maintaining a great relationship with car dealerships that grant us access to new models. We also get boot dimensions from customers that travel to us to take full advantage of our measure and fit service.

Despite our best efforts its unavoidable that mistakes or misunderstandings will lead to the occasional fitting issue. If anything you have off us does not fit as you expect, then please get in touch as soon as possible. If the mistake is ours, we are happy to refund, but would much rather get to the bottom of what we did wrong and correct it. If you gave us the wrong details, perhaps the wrong car, then we can have the product returned and send you the correct sizes. There may however be an additional postage charge to cover our costs.