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Bonfire Night Survival Guide
With Bonfire Night arriving in a few days' time, we have created a handy list of tips to make the...
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Autumn Dog Tips
Most dogs love this time of year, rain can make smells more exciting on a walk and they love to...
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Getting fit with your pooch
Getting fit is probably one of the most common new year's resolutions. The key to getting in good shape is...
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What to take with you on a dog walk
It is always a good idea to take a bag with you on your walks packed with basic supplies. There...
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Firework season and your pets
Many animals find fireworks scary, here is our top tips for keeping them calm whilst the fireworks are underway: Be...
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Excersise Your Dog Inside with these Bad Weather Boredom Busters
As much as we would love for the weather to be perfect all of the time, mother nature seems to...
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Planning a summer road trip
With the 6 week summer school holidays finally here, your car is going to be used a hell of alot...
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Keeping your dog cool in the summer
When our summer finally rolls around its important to find different ways to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Here...
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Things to remember when driving with your dog
Your four-legged friend depends on you to remember everything they need, especially when your taking them with you on a...
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Auto Express Best Car Boot Liners
Auto Express placed us 2nd when testing 10 car boot liners! Your dog may be your best friend, but they...
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Not just for dog owners
​   ​Our products are custom made to suit various lifestyles and are designed to give your car boot, maximum...
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Keeping your car boot clean
Keeping your car boot spotless can be a tedious job. Day to day jobs can leave your car boot covered...
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