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Auto Express Best Car Boot Liners

02 December 2014 / Posted in: Blog Posts

Auto Express placed us 2nd when testing 10 car boot liners!

Your dog may be your best friend, but they won’t be when you want to sell your car on! Ripped boot interiors coated with dog hairs can hurt the trade in price of your car, so if your boot is used a lot then a car boot liner is just what you need!

Auto Express tested our liner for the following factors:- spills to be contained, side, seatback and bumper coverage. They also assessed fit and tested impact protection.

Read the full review here.


24 October 2014 / Posted in: Website Developments

Well it's been a long time in the making but thanks to their steely determination and their refusal to accept anything less than perfection, our hardworking web developers and the Boot Buddy staff are happy to finally give you the brand new Boot Buddy website. It's been designed with one single make life easier for you, much like our products! It's still new, and getting settled, so if you have any questions, suggestions, or notice any bugs and / or spilling mitsakes please let us know via the chat box. Enjoy the website!

Boot Buddy Offers

16 July 2014 / Posted in:

Looking to save some money?

You can make some crazy savings on our products, to the point of getting them for next to nothing!. Keep an eye on this page for our current offers, but be warned, they change often, and are based on stock and availability at the time. So if you want to save, better not delay!