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Keeping your dog cool in the summer

29 June 2015 / Posted in: Blog Posts

When our summer finally rolls around its important to find different ways to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Here is a few of our tips on how to keep your dog cool this summer... 

1. Time your walks and exercise.
Although you may not feel like taking your four legged friend on a long walk when its nice and warm, your dog will still need their exercise. Try walking your dog in the early morning or late afternoon when it has cooled down abit, this will reduce the threat of overheating. 

2. Using a paddling pool. 
Not all dogs love water, but its worth a try to see if your dog does! Paddling pools are cheap and can be filled up and kept in the shade for your dog to stand, lay or play in when he gets warm. If you find the blowing up of a paddling pool too much hassle try throwing down a wet towel in the shade so that your pooch can rest on it too cool down. 

3. Frozen treats and food.
In the summer months most pet stores will stock frozen treats for your pets. Putting ice cubes in your dogs water bowl will keep the water cool and refreshing for your dog, some dogs also enjoy munching on ice cubes for some reason?!

4. Keeping your dog inside. 
If possible try and keep your dog inside during the warmest points of the day. This will reduce the risk of over heating, if your dog is desperate to go out and

play in the garden make sure they have access to plenty of shade and water to keep them cool.

5. Grooming can make a big difference
If you have a dog with long, thick hair it may be time for a trip to the groomers! Getting your pup a trim will not only make them look prim and proper it can also help with air circulation and allows your dog to feel the gentle summer breeze. 

6. Keep your dog hydrated. 
This may seem obvious but never underestimate the importance of having water available at all times for your pet.

Things to remember when driving with your dog

03 June 2015 / Posted in: Blog Posts

Your four-legged friend depends on you to remember everything they need, especially when your taking them with you on a car journey. Whether your journey is big or small here are our top things to remember to keep your pooch happy when your travelling... 

Plenty of food and water
Dogs can get dehydrated very quickly in the car, especially if you are going to be driving in the summer. Making sure you pull over and let them have a drink regularly is vital when your on larger journeys, also making sure you have enough food for your dog is important too. Ideally you do not want to disrupt your pets feeding routine so feeding them before you travel would be the best solution as they then have the chance for their food to digest whilst you are on route. 

However things do not always go to plan so if you have to feed your dog whilst you are on the move, consider feeding them a smaller portion than normal - noone wants a poorly pet whilst driving!

Dog Treats
It will be very hard for your dog to be stuck in the car and not being able to run about and play! So having a stash of long lasting dog treats is a great idea to reward your four legged friend for their good behaviour, it will also keep them occupied if it takes them a while to eat it! 

Dogs can get very excited when travelling so having his or her favourite toy will provide some distraction. We recommend something that isn't noisy as your patience will start to wear thin after half an hour of excessive squeaking! This will also be a good idea if you know there is a park or field at your destination so that your pooch can use up some of their stored energy from the trip. 

Poop Bags 
Its inevitable that when you stop off for a break, these will come in handy!

Never let your dog out of the car without putting their lead on, new environments will get them excited and they will want to explore these new surroundings. You will not be aware of what is around you in the area, there could be all sorts of dangers that you are unaware about. Waiting until you have checked that the area is safe before letting them free.

Car Boot Liner
This is pretty essential unless you like spending hours removing stubborn dog hairs from your car boot upholstery. The VersaLiner will provide your car boot with ultimate dog-proof protection, muddy paws, stubborn hairs and any accidents that your pooch may have whilst travelling will be kept safely away from your car boot interior. Once your journey is complete simply wipe down the surfaces of the liner and its like brand new! The liner is custom made to your car boot and the option of the VersaLiner Mat will offer your pooch a non slip and cushioned surface to travel on. 

Dog Owners - Why you need a VersaLiner

06 May 2015 / Posted in: Blog Posts

Boot Buddy Ltd's VersaLiner will protect your boot from all sorts of dirt and mess they will also minimise damage that your dogs can sometimes cause to your beloved car. Taking your four legged friend out on regular walks or day trips can start to take its toll on your car boot, a smelly muddy pup returning to your car is not the ideal situation when you want to keep your car clean! Introducing our Boot Buddy dog owners solution... 

Our VersaLiner is the perfect solution if you love your car as much as your dog, you can protect your car boot whilst keeping your furry friend happy and safe whilst traveling. 


Keeping the boot clean
We create our VersaLiner to be custom made to your vehicle with our 9 years of experience we have managed to collect over 450 different car makes and models measurements. The VersaLiner will be the best fit possible for your vehicle to prevent any dirt, fur or other miscellaneous objects your dog may bring back with them damaging your boots interior. They are very easy to fit and are 100% self supporting, this will save you hours of your time that you have previously spent hoovering and cleaning your boot. 

Your dogs safety 
The VersaLiner is not just for your own benefit but it will also help keep your pets safe and comfortable whilst travelling. With a secure fit and its self supporting structure the liner will be sturdy whilst your dog is sitting or standing in the boot, we also offer our VersaLiner Mat which fit on top for extra comfort and protection. 

Protecting your Bumper's paintwork
Our Deluxe Bumper Guard is the perfect solution to keep the paint work on your bumper brand new, your dogs claws can really give your bumper a beating if they are regularly jumping in and out of your boot. Made from two PVC backed cloth like surfaces, with a layer of special rubber foam in the middle. It offers long term, padded bumper protection against scratches, scrapes and sharp claws! It also offers your dog that little extra confidence they sometimes need when jumping into the boot. Quick and easy to attach via hidden velcro it will fix to your car boot floor with ease.


Fitting your VersaLiner

29 April 2015 / Posted in: Blog Posts

The VersaLiner is essential if you regularly put your car boot through its paces, carrying large items, pets, muddy sports kits/equipment and other day to day goods can leave your car boot looking old and tired. The VersaLiner does not only keep your car boot clean but protects any upholstery in the boot, It is necessary that the VersaLiner is fitted correctly. So heres our guide to assembling and fitting the liner... 

Before you begin
Some VersaLiners will be received flat-packed, whilst others will be received as a rolled tube due to their size. If your Boot Buddy was recieved flat-packed reverse-fold the pre-folded lines of the side panels before assembly and return to an approximate 90° angle (see diagram). This will help the plastic side panels remain upright when in your cars boot. 
If your Boot Buddy was received rolled, reverse-roll and hold for about a minute and then re-fold the pre-folded lines, this is so the side panels will stand at an approximate 90° angle. 

Fitting the VersaLiner
1) Unpack your Boot Buddy and lay all of the pieces on a flat surface. The VersaLiner comes in 2 pieces, the piece displaying the Boot Buddy logo is the back panel; the other piece is the base and sides. 

2) Attach the back panel to the side panels using the pre-fitted metal pop studs (see diagram) and test in boot for size. In some cases the boots parcel shelf will need to be removed before fitting the Boot Buddy, but this can be replaced once the liner is in place. The panel with the Boot Buddy logo should rest against the back seats. 


And its as simple as that! No need for fiddly velcro straps and attachments, the VersaLiner is 100% free standing and once assembled is simply placed into your car boot. Each VersaLiner is custom made to your car boot and we will ensure you can get the best fit possible in your car boot* for more information on the VersaLiner click here

*The VersaLiner will not follow the contours of your vehicles car boot e.g. Prominent wheel arches.


Keeping your car boot clean

20 April 2015 / Posted in: Blog Posts

Keeping your car boot spotless can be a tedious job. Day to day jobs can leave your car boot covered in dirt, dog hairs and cause the boot of your car to look abit tired, which will then have you wondering what you can do to get your car boot back to what it was when you first bought the car! 

Here are our top tips for keeping your car boot protected: 

High sided Boot liner for your car 
The boot of your car will have been put through its paces, transporting rubbish to the local tip, bikes, golf trolleys, garden supplies and even pets can leave your boot looking untidy and tired. Introducing the VersaLiner it is the ideal way to keep your boot clean, as far as boot liners go it is very easy to fit and is 100% self supporting so unlike most fabric liners, it doesn't depend on Velcro attachments to stay up, which for dog owners this is essential. 

Bumper Protection
Bumper scratches are a common issue for all car owners, transporting heavy loads can damage the paintwork on your bumper and especially when dogs are involved! Our Deluxe Bumper Guard provides long term padded bumper protection against, scratches, scrapes and sharp claws. It also gives dogs the extra confidence that is sometimes needed when jumping in and out of the boot. 

Boot Mats
Very popular with dog owners, our VersaLiner Mat is specially formed from a natural rubber to create a high friction suface, making a soft cushioning base for your dog to sit on and non slip. This ensures a safe and comfortable ride for your dog, the matting can be shaken dog and cleaned in seconds. Essential to stop your shopping sliding all over your boot on the way home. 

Dog Guard 
Having a dog guard in place will keep your bestfriend in the car boot instead of adventuring around the rest of the car, introducing the Boot Buddy Safe-D-Guard. Made from Polycarbonate plastic it gives you excellent driver visability and with a near perfect rear view, because of the absense of trap hazards that are naturally present with most guards of mesh and bars the Safe-D-Guard is an obvious choice for caring dog owners. Previous customers have also informed us of another benefit to the Safe-D-Guard that it prevents dog hairs floating around in your car and keeps them in your cars boot! 

Not just for dog owners

23 February 2015 / Posted in: Blog Posts


  • Our products are custom made to suit various lifestyles and are designed to give your car boot, maximum protection no matter what you put it through. We have a wide variety of customers who contact us about our products, from fishermen to mountain bike riders! We take huge pride in our products and how they can help protect your car boot and adapt with your day to day needs. 
  • We are more than happy to help if you have any questions about our products so please, do not hesitate to contact us!

Citroen C4 Cactus

20 January 2015 / Posted in: Blog Posts

A Few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have one of our customers visit us for a Measure and Fit appointment for the new Citroen C4 Cactus! 
After taking the measurements the following products from our range are compatible...


VersaLiner Mat

Bumper Guard 

Deluxe Bumper Guard 

Tailgate Guard 

The VersaLiner and VersaLiner looked great in the C4 Cactus (If we must say so ourselves!) So if your interested in purchasing the products yourself for your Citroen C4 Cactus follow this link for more information!

Introducing the Deluxe Bumper Guard!

02 December 2014 / Posted in: Blog Posts

The new and improved Deluxe Bumper Guard:

  • Introducing our brand new upgrade to the standard Bumper Guard. The Deluxe Bumper Guard does the same job as our standard version, just better! Made from two PVC backed cloth like surfaces, with a layer of special rubber foam in the middle. It offers long term, padded bumper protection against scratches, scrapes and sharp claws. It also gives dogs the extra confidence they sometimes need in jumping in and out of your boot. Quick and easy to attach via hidden Velcro, it will fix to your boot, or your VersaLiner or Load Liner with ease! And instead of rolling back into your boot, it folds in on itself for added convenience. 
  • Don't just take our word for how good this new product is! Follow this link and go and see customer reviews and photos of the Deluxe Bumper Guard in action!

Auto Express Best Car Boot Liners

02 December 2014 / Posted in: Blog Posts

Auto Express placed us 2nd when testing 10 car boot liners!

Your dog may be your best friend, but they won’t be when you want to sell your car on! Ripped boot interiors coated with dog hairs can hurt the trade in price of your car, so if your boot is used a lot then a car boot liner is just what you need!

Auto Express tested our liner for the following factors:- spills to be contained, side, seatback and bumper coverage. They also assessed fit and tested impact protection.

Read the full review here.