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ProMax Mat


ProMax Mat

The ProMax Anti-Slip Mat is designed to protect your cargo in transit by giving your liner a cushioned, high grip surface. To allow for the extending feature of your VersaLiner and ProMax Kit, the mat comes in two parts, so when you retract your liner to form your original VersaLiner, you can remove one of the mats, or simply place it on top of the standard Anti-Slip Mat.

Note: This is an optional extra to the ProMax Kit. It will be made in two parts, each approximately the size of your boot.


"Is the ProMax Mat right for me?"

If you have the VersaLiner with its companion ProMax Kit, then you may need the ProMax Mat. On their own, they make a great full length load mat, but that much space makes it easy for dogs and cargo to slide around, so we recommend you have some rubber matting.

How quickly will I get my ProMax Mat?
Current delivery times are between 3 - 5 working days, if ordered alone. If ordered along with other products the lead time may be longer. Please refer to our homepage for the latest on delivery times.

ProMax Mat Specifications

  • Made of a special open cell natural rubber
  • Made in two sections to work when the VersaLiner and ProMax Kit is extended and retracted
  • Approximately 5 mm thick
  • Finely ribbed to give a soft yet high friction surface
  • Shake or brush clean
  • Reversible, same surface both sides
  • Very popular with Dog Owners

Please note, if you would like specific details on the sizes and specifications for your car, feel free to get in touch!

Remember, to see the ProMax Mat in action, you can add and remove it via the Boot Builder App at the top of the page!

  • "We love our new boot liner. We are genuinely really pleased with the boot buddy, among its advantages from our point of view is advantage over the fabric liners in that it does not the wetness generated by three soggy dogs getting in and out. This retained dampness in fabric liners leads to a lot of misting up and even frost on the inside of the windows - one less problem to think about in the morning."

    Tom Morton / BMW X1 (2009-2015)

  • "10 out of 10 Boot Buddy... Great service and my car should be much cleaner... Flynn my youngest Irish Setter seems comfy... Murphy my eldest Irish is a bit more stubborn and wouldn't pose for a pic :) "

    Delia Bryce / Renault Megane Sport Tourer (2009-present)

  • "Excellent product. Rigid enough to protect your car from dog hair spreading and soft enough not to harm your dog. Bumper guard great for protecting the car when the dog jumps in and mat comfortable enough and non-slip. Would thoroughly recommend to others. Well worth the money."

    Lorraine Lauder / BMW X5 (2013-present) (7-seat model in 5-seat configuration)

  • "We are really pleased with our boot buddy system. It fits perfectly, even accommodating the different reclining positions of the back seat. The dog is happy jumping in on the bumper guard and I find it great for when I'm loading stuff - much better than leaning on a wet bumper. The extending (Pro) kit has been good when having the boot at full length. it is great to know that the car is protected, even when carrying logs, metal posts, etc. Also our vehicle has a bass speaker in the boot and that has not been affected by the boot buddy. It still sounds great. So, a first class product - highly recommended."

    Ian Hackett / Jeep Grand Cherokee (2011-present)

  • " I must let you know it’s a great product and has really saved the car when we carry loads (children's moves – university etc and take the dog out) . This is especially the case now winter is coming. The way it quickly converts to protect the whole load space when the seats are down which is done so easily and quickly. Highly recommended."

    Gary Parks / Land Rover Discovery 4 (2009-2016) (5-seat configuration)

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