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ProMax Kit


ProMax Extension Kit

The hugely popular ProMax Kit is designed to offer you the very best in car interior protection! The ProMax Kit allows your VersaLiner to fully extend to cover your entire load area when your rear seats are down or laid flat. It's quick and easy to fit, offers up to twice the load area of your boot and can be folded away in seconds to reform your beloved VersaLiner!

Please note: The ProMax Kit is the extension only. It works in conjunction with a VersaLiner and is not a standalone product. 

"Is the ProMax Kit right for me?"

The ProMax Kit is designed for car owners who want the option to maintain protection for larger loads, multiple dogs etc. If you drop your seats much, and want to protect the extra load space, then the ProMax Kit is a great companion to the VersaLiner.

ProMax Kit Specifications

  • Made of super tough Copolymer Polypropylene
  • Approximately 1.5 mm thick
  • Slightly static to attract floating dog hairs
  • Designed to cover the extra load area when your back seats are down
  • Self supporting, with optional Velcro attachments
  • Wipe clean surface, can be cleaned in situe
  • Heavy duty yet lightweight design
  • Compatible with several optional accessories

Please note, if you would like specific details on the sizes and specifications for your car, feel free to get in touch!

Please note: If your boot is smaller than the extended area when your seats are down, there will be insufficient space to store the ProMax Kit in the boot with the VersaLiner, and will need to be kept elsewhere when not needed. If you wish to confirm whether this applies to your car, feel free to get in touch.


Remember, to see the ProMax Kit in action, you can add and remove it via the Boot Builder App at the top of the page!

  • "We are genuinely really pleased with the boot buddy, among its advantages from our point of view is advantage over the fabric liners in that it does not the wetness generated by three soggy dogs getting in and out. This retained dampness in fabric liners leads to a lot of misting up and even frost on the inside of the windows - one less problem to think about in the morning."

    Tom Morton / BMW X1 (2009-2015)

  • "Just to ket you know the boot buddy is awesome, in regular use with three dogs and occasionally for bikes/ junk. Already recommending to other dog owners!"

    Chris Venn / Porsche Macan (2014-present) (without panoramic sunroof)

  • "I thought that I would protect the inside of my new Discovery Sport from day one, so I researched the internet and found Boot Buddy, what a product, does what it says on the packet. Seats up, seats down, all options covered, I’m always at the tip getting rid of garden rubbish or the dog is in the back, now the interior is protected, thank you Boot Buddy."

    David Owen / Land Rover Discovery Sport (2015-present) (7 seat model in 5-seat configuration)

  • "My new car is used for all the times you need to take something with you, shopping, airport, DIY, golf, dump etc. The quality of Boot Buddy means I can put anything in the boot and the carpeted area underneath is totally protected."

    Steve / Audi Q5 (2008-2017)

  • "Used my new Boot Buddy liner today, well impressed."

    T Chalk / Skoda Fabia Estate (2008-2015) (without raised boot floor (standard floor))

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