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19 July 2017 / Posted in: Delivery Times

Delivery on all VersaLiner orders is currently around 3-4 weeks from date of order. Delivery of VersaLiners and Safe-D-Guards ordered together is around 3-4 weeks*.

Delivery for single orders of Mats and/or Bumper Guards (including Deluxe) is around 3-5 working days.


*Please note that as all of our products are made to order our delivery times are approximate. The above time scale applies to UK Mainland orders only. Overseas orders, including Ireland may be slightly longer.


New Products Added

11 July 2017 / Posted in: Product Developments

Latest products added to our range:

  • Mini Countryman 2017 - present 
  • Tesla Model X 2016 - present (5 seat model) 
  • Peugeot 3008 2016 - present
  • Mazda 2 Hatchback 2015 - present
  • Volvo XC60 4x4 2017 - present
  • Skoda Kodiaq 2017 - present (7seat model) 
  • Seat Ateca SUV 2016 - present (adjustable floor raised) 

Courier Changes

04 July 2017 / Posted in: Delivery Times

Following customer feedback we are pleased to announce that we have changed our courier service to Parcel Force. We believe our customers will receive a more reliable and efficient service with this courier. Customers will receive a text or email providing an hour time slot for delivery and be able to re-arrange this if needed. 

Will this cost more?
No, for the majority of mainland UK customers the price has stayed the same but will receive a better service. For some postcodes and countries prices have increased slightly, while others have been reduced. Please select your delivery country or area of the UK to check your postage charges or contact our sales office for more information. 

We look forward to recieving your feedback on Parcel Force and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your continued support!

Bank Holiday Closure

26 May 2017 / Posted in: New Products Added

Please note that we are closed from Friday 26th May and reopen on Tuesday 30th May 2017. You can still place an order with us through our website whilst we are closed. Lead times for orders placed during this closure will start from May 30th 2017. All emails and phone messages will be dealt with when we return to work.

Product price changes

22 May 2017 / Posted in: New Products Added

Due to the increase in cost of materials there will be a small price increase to our products as of Monday 22nd May 2017.
Please find the new prices of our products below.

VersaLiner £97.95
VersaLiner Mat £29.95
VersaLiner Boot Bedding £39.95
VersaLiner Heavy Duty Mat £34.95
Bumper Guard £19.95
Deluxe Bumper Guard £29.95
Tailgate Guard £19.95
ProMax Kit £53.95
Load Liner £119.95
ProMax / Load Liner Mat £44.95
ProMax / Load Liner Boot Bedding £69.95
ProMax / Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat £59.95
Safe-D-Guard £79.95

We feel that we can still offer competitive prices to our customers for the products we offer and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your continued support!


Crufts 2017

07 February 2017 / Posted in: Blog Posts

If you are coming to Cruft's this year make sure you pop by and say hello! We will be in our usual spot, Hall 3 Stand 88!


Autumn Dog Tips

07 November 2016 / Posted in: New Products Added

Most dogs love this time of year, rain can make smells more exciting on a walk and they love to explore and get abit muddy! We need to make sure our pups stay happy and safe during this change in weather, here are a few tips for Autumn with your dog!

Walking with your dog
After each walk be sure to check your dog’s paws specifically between their pads and toes for hardened mud and stones. Cleaning your pups paws with some warm water will help remove any mud and prevent salt from causing any irritation.

If your dog feels the cold easily, kit them out with a warm waterproof dog coat. Even if your dog does not feel the cold it may be an idea to invest in a waterproof jacket with the unpredictable weather we have here!
Don’t forget to treat yourself to some warm clothes too; you want to enjoy the walk as much as your best friend does!

Walking in the dark
As the nights draw in more and many dog owners now walking their pets in the dark, it is important to make sure that you can be seen by oncoming traffic. Wearing reflective clothing is the best way to ensure you are seen, you can even buy dog collars that light up so your pup can be seen too!

Keeping the outdoors, outside
Your dog going for walks and toilet breaks in wet weather is bound to get a little muddy. One option when your dog is going for a toilet break in the garden is to buy a special doormat that traps any mud and water, this will save them leaving a muddy paw print trail around your house!

It is not only the inside of your house that suffers with muddy paws, your car boot will definitely get put through its paces if you and your pooch go on regular walks no matter what the weather is like outside. The VersaLiner will provide your car with high sided, heavy duty protection to keep your car boot just as clean as when you first got your car.

Tongue Out Tuesday Competition Winner!

22 February 2016 / Posted in: Competition Winners

Congratulations to Oz for winning our latest #TongueOutTuesday competition on our Facebook page! 

What to take with you on a dog walk

26 January 2016 / Posted in: Blog Posts

It is always a good idea to take a bag with you on your walks packed with basic supplies. There is a fair few items on the list, do not threat you do not need to take every single item with you if your walking fairly close to home or your car. If you are a few miles away from help then it is better to be prepared and take more of items with you. 

Must have items to take with you... 

  • Make sure that your dog is microchipped and is wearing a collar with an ID tag 
  • Plenty of water 
  • Treats (for you and the dog!)
  • Whistle if required for recall, it is also useful if you need to call for help too
  • Poo bags
  • Mobile phone with full battery in case you need to ring for help

Items to have in your car or easily accessible at home... 

  • Blankets and towels 
  • Cooling mat, especially useful in hot weather 
  • First aid kit 
  • Boot Buddy VersaLiner - keep your car boot protected from all of the muck and mess that comes with taking your four legged friend on a walk!

Getting fit with your pooch

21 January 2016 / Posted in: Blog Posts

Getting fit is probably one of the most common new year's resolutions. The key to getting in good shape is to make sure you have fun whilst you're doing it and what better way to get fit than with your four legged friend?

Going for a walk is one of the most effective forms of exercise, both for you and your dog. It is very easy to do as you do not need any special equipment to go for a walk (apart from a lead and poo bags of course!)
If you find your starting to get bored when going for a walk, mix it up and try a new route or visit a new forest/park for a change of scenery. Don't forget to have your VersaLiner fitted in your car boot to keep your car boot clean from the inevitable, muddy paws! 

Similarly to walking running requires no equipment and you and your four legged friend get to enjoy the great outdoors while increasing stamina and strengthening your muscles. Remember to let your dog stop and explore the different smells of where your running. 

If your dog is so full of energy your worried he may pull your arm off why not give cycling a go. You will need to get the essentials such as a non-tangling lead, a body harness, a reflective vest for your pooch and water bottles for both you and your dog. Make sure you get your pup used to the bike before going out on your adventures, walking along with the bike with your dog on the other side so that he can get used to the bike. Doing practice runs with the bike and using the commands for slowing down, stopping and getting your dogs attention back to you are vital, over time they will become used to these. 
Remember this isn't a race, pedal at a pace that your dog can keep up with easily!

And most of all, have fun! A healthy lifestyle awaits you and your pooch in 2016!