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Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat

£59.95 £47.96

Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat

Very popular with dog owners and customers who carry tools, machinery & heavy equipment! Our Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat is made of dense, virtually indestructible rubber, with a fine texture on the underside to ensure it grips to the wipe clean surface of Your Liner, and a circular pad style texture on the top. This ensures a safe and comfortable ride for your dog & cargo, and as your Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat can be shaken or cleaned in seconds, it saves you valuable time. Essential to keep your cargo safe in a non-slip space.

Note: This is an optional extra to the Load Liner. It will be made to fit the base shape of the Load Liner. When purchased without a Load Liner this is made to a standard rectangular size (different for each car) but if you would prefer to specify measurements please order by phone on 01299 822230.


"Is the Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat right for me?"

If you have the Load Liner, & carry dogs or sensitive cargo, then you may need the Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat. On its own, the Load Liner gives you excellent interior protection, but that much space makes it easy for dogs and cargo to slide around, so we recommend you have some rubber matting. Our Anti-Slip Mat is great, but if you carry very sharp or very heavy items, we recommend you go with the Heavy Duty Mat, as its built to last and cope with anything.


How quickly will I get my Load Liner Heavy Duty Mat?
Current delivery times are between 3 - 5 working days, if ordered alone. If ordered along with other products the lead time may be longer. Please refer to our homepage for the latest on delivery times.

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