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About us

How it started...

Boot Buddy Ltd was originally founded by Adrian and David, two window cleaners based around Stourport-on-Severn in Worcestershire.

Our company began with the idea of protecting our cars from overspilling buckets that used to sit precariously in our boots while we traveled to and from window cleaning customers. While our cars were humble, our desire to protect them from water spills, bad smells and damage moved us to design a small rubber tray, shaped to the length and width of our boots, to catch any spilling water that would normally end up soaked into the carpet. After going through several design changes, all taking place within Adrians garden shed, we settled on a design and decided to try and sell our product online. Adrian suggested the name, Boot Buddy, and we then built our own website, and began our journey!

Despite our strong belief in our product, sales were not forthcoming. We tried everything to boost interest, from multiple website changes, to expensive online advertising. For the first 6 months we saw very little progress.

With persistence and family support, we continued to chase sales and explore alternative avenues of marketing. In time we began to get requests from website visitors for a higher sided version of our boot tray, specifically to protect their boot carpet from dog hair. While we hadn't made any prototypes for a high sided boot tray, we began to make them and tried selling them online.

Before we knew it...

We were making regular sales online, for a variety of cars, and in order to keep up with the small but increasing demand we made the decision to move out of the shed, and lease a very affordable workshop, converted from a horses stable down the road. It was freezing cold, or uncomfortably hot, and thanks to the "open plan" nature of the stable, it was rather smelly and dusty, most likely due to our horsey neighbour. But the extra room allowed us to produce our liners more efficiently which by this point were being made out of a foam backed plastic instead of the rubber we originally used.

After steady and growing sales we converted to a thicker tougher Polypropylene plastic, and were able to purchase larger quantities of materials to save cost, and while we had enough room to manufacture in our stable, the uncomfortable working conditions moved us to relocate to the front room of David's house, which was notably warmer, and considerably less pungent! It also made it easier to welcome customers for our measure and fit service, where we would measure a customers boot, and make our products while they wait. This set-up lasted us for over a year, but as demand grew storage became an issue, and the invasive nature of a factory in your front room became less than ideal! So we made the bold move to rent a basement warehouse in Stourport-on-Severn to allow further growth.

We are currently operating from a much larger and more practical unit than the previous basement warehouse. Still on Wilden Lane Industrial Estate, our new unit is over 2,700 square foot, and features a drive-in port to make measure and fits easier. We also have this new website, that has been totally designed from the ground up to make viewing and buying our products as engaging, informative, and straight forward as possible. It features our much anticipated "Boot Builder" that allows you to build your Boot Buddy in front of your eyes. It has also been designed with the increasing mobile market in mind, so it is made phone and tablet friendly.

As a company we currently employee twelve members of staff, all hard working and well trained to deliver a high standard of service.

We don't believe in standing still, so we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, service and business as a whole. That's why we welcome customer feedback. It is no small task to keep quality as high as we do, especially with our list of cars that we now make products for approaching 500, and hearing off you definitely helps!

We also like to think of new products and ideas that help to keep things clean. That is why we are putting more time into our product development department. We will always have at least one new product in the pipeline, so keep checking the site if there is something you like the look of!

The Boot Buddy Team...

Meet the people you will be dealing with for your Boot Buddy products...

David Moult

  • Name: David Moult
  • Company Position: Director
  • Job Description: Managing the website, marketing, advertising and product development.
  • History with Boot Buddy: Co-founder, co-inventor and co-owner of the company.
  • Employment Background: From school I spent 2 years as a postman, followed by 2 years as a self employed window cleaner. This led straight into developing Boot Buddy.
  • Skillset: I am highly creative and driven to improve every aspect of the company. 
  • Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy going to the cinema and the gym. I love fine dining; travelling; tv shows, specifically british comedies, such as Alan Partridge and Only Fools and Horses; freediving; snorkelling and music - both playing and making.
  • Personal Comments: ''I love vol au vents. They are the Ferrari of the finger food industry''. 

Naomi Moult

  • Name: Naomi Moult 
  • Company Position: Director and Company Secretary
  • Job Description: Managing the company, especially the Administration team; doing the accounts and payroll and managing customer service.
  • History with Boot Buddy: Once the business got up and running I left my job in 2008 and started working at Boot Buddy. 
  • Employment Background: From school I went to college and trained in Business Administration and Secretarial work. I then worked at Kidderminster College as an IT facilitator.
  • Skillset: I am trained in IT software, especially Microsoft Office. I am trained in book keeping and payroll. I am a people person and like to achieve excellent customer service.
  • Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy going to the cinema; travelling; fine dining and watching whodunits!
  • Personal Comments: "Live each day as if it was your last."

Paul Smith

  • Name: Paul Smith    
  • Company Position: General Manager
  • Job Description: Managing all Boot Buddy operations and ensuring excellent customer satisfaction.
  • History with Boot Buddy: Started in 2017. 
  • Employment Background: I have spent the last six years in the motor trade, from Valeting to Sales Executive. Most recently employed controlling Used car sales preparation at Listers VW Worcester.
  • Skillset: Car valeting+ detailing. Sales and managing a team of people. 
  • Hobbies & Interests: love playing and following sports, fast cars, films, dogs and most importantly my family!! 
  • Personal Comments: "It's never wrong to do the right thing."

Lucille Moult

  • Name: Lucille Moult      
  • Company Position: Administrator 
  • Job Description: Customer service, answering phone calls and processing orders.
  • History with Boot Buddy: Started in 2010. 
  • Employment Background: Previously worked in clothes shops, restaurants and I worked at an events company where I managed my own team.
  • Skillset: BSL (British sign language), all things hair and nails, secret nerdy gamer, shoe expert, and spelling bee winner 3 years runninhg.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Shopping, sign language, dance karate....and I make AMAZING cornflake cakes!!! 
  • Personal Comments: "Keep your standards and your heels high"

Shirley Moult

  • Name: Shirley Moult      
  • Company Position: Bumper Guard and Deluxe Bumper Guard Manufacturing
  • Job Description: Sewing and binding materials
  • History with Boot Buddy: I started in 2013 and I'm the mother of one of the founders of Boot Buddy!
  • Employment Background: Office work
  • Skillset: People person with a big heart.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Entertaining and all things historical and future.
  • Personal Comments: "Go the extra mile when you can."

Brittany Kennan

  • Name: Brittany Kennan
  • Company Position: Admin and Social Media/Digital marketing assistant
  • Job Description: Social media, marketing and customer relations.
  • History with Boot Buddy: Started in 2014.
  • Employment Background: I worked in clothing retail for 2 years and now I'm starting my journey with Boot Buddy. 
  • Skillset: Highly creative, people person, good with technology and motivated. 
  • Hobbies & Interests: Travelling, my persian kitten Winston and experiencing new things! 
  • Personal Comments: "When nothing goes right, go left."


Isaac Goulding

  • Name: Isaac Goulding 
  • Company Position: Safe-D-Guard Manufacturer
  • Job Description: Making Safe-D-Guards. 
  • History with Boot Buddy: Started in 2013.
  • Employment Background: Went to college and then started at Boot Buddy. 
  • Skillset: Straight talking, honest (overly), good with numbers, sporty and book keeping.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Football, going to the gym and cars.
  • Personal Comments: "Death before defeat". 

Rebecca Smith 

  • Name: Becky Smith
  • Company Position: Office Manager
  • Job Description: Answer phone, take orders, answering emails, customer services, general running of the office.
  • History with Boot Buddy: Started in October 2007.
  • Employment Background: Business admin, community housing, audio typist and then Boot Buddy.
  • Skillset: I like to be organised and work as a part of a team. Trying to be a good mum!
  • Hobbies & Interests: Love spending time with friends, family, my daughter and dog. Enjoy travel, shopping and Pinterest!
  • Personal Comments: "Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are." 


Spencer Goulding

  • Name: Spencer Goulding
  • Company Position: Manufacturing Technician
  • Job Description: I manufacture Boot Buddy products; accept deliveries; stock take and liase with customers that visit us.
  • History with Boot Buddy: September 2014-
  • Employment Background: I've spent the last 29 years gardening.
  • Skillset: Anything garden related, growing and looking after plants.
  • Hobbies & Interests: I love gardening, old music, football and I'm a quizzer!
  • Personal Comments: "Do to others as you would do to yourself"


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